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Our offer with melamine structure, complete with melamine and glass doors. The least expensive among our archive office solutions, perfect for operational offices, but the wide choice of materials and colours for the doors makes it rich and suitable for managerial offices as well. The structure is made of melamine and has five height-levelling feet. The sides are perforated with progressive step obtaining two, four and five archive levels for Dox type archival folders. The doors are available in melamine or glass, with and without a frame. The low modular unit can be set as a raised level, provided with an appropriate raised level door kit. The optional finishing top must be requested in order to match the exact size for the project (single or multiple modules). A version of the cabinet with reduced dimensions is also available (L 80 cm and H 74 cm) to be used as a support on the short side of our desks - in this particular case the finishing of the top is included.