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Meco CAD is an application for AUTOCAD that allows to create a library of 3D blocks of our products subdivided in different collections. It's compatible with all version of AUTOCAD excluding LT version.

Step 1: copy the file MECO (do not change the name of the file)
Step 2: paste the file MECO in  My Computer \C:\
Step 3: start AUTOCAD
Step 4: type on the keyboard _menuload
Step 5: click on BROWSE bottom
Step 6: select  Files of type list, select  MENU FILE (*.mnu)
Step 7: through the process MY COMPUTER\C:\MECO\Menu , select the file MECO.MNU and than click OPEN bottom
Step 8: the window  UPLOAD will be open, search in the window NAME OF FILE : C:\MECO\Menu\MECO.MNU
Step 9: select MECO (in the white square) and click UPLOAD