Meco was founded in 1980 and enhanced its experience in the field of office furniture and metal storage systems manufacturing in the following years. At the beginning of 2017 it was taken over by Mobilferro, resulting in enhanced quality standards thanks to increased investment in technology, production and organization. Meco is attentive to workplace safety and meticulously ensures its products comply with laws on ergonomics to ensure wellbeing at work. Expert Italian designers provide innovative, practical, tailor-made solutions that are always on step ahead of the ever-evolving world of work.

Organizing, sub-dividing, separating. Welcoming, bringing together, communicating. These are just some of the aspects to be considered when designing an office or school environment. Aspects that need to intersect smoothly with specific international rules and the toughest quality standard to ensure safe, engaging working, living, growing and learning spaces. Thanks to the principles of freedom and openness that go into every project, outstanding flexibility allows spaces to be re-thought and reconfigured, allowing improvements in performance and in the entire production process Meco creates layouts for clients using 2D and 3D graphic design tools. Customers can also count on assistance from our technical/sales office to develop and define layouts, choose products and finishes and obtain relative estimates.