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JOY LINE - Armadi

To store and contain properly and efficiently prints, magazines and every other paper support remains a strategic and fundamental necessity in today’s office. The containing program in Joy Line is modulated in relation to the dimension of...
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The strategic goal of the "TRIS" line consists in providing the users a wide range of products for the operative and semi-managerial office. The triangular section of the leg; technologically in the forefront, it gives the structure a...
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Il programma di arredo Joy Line offre soluzioni d'arredo di gamma "operativa", "semi direzionale" e "direzionale". Nella versione Operativa l' utenza opera condividendo con altre persone lo spazio di lavoro, interagendo verbalmente ed...
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sKuba range is a new concept of bench desks and cabinet. sKuba line is composed by a huge range of dimensions, shapes and finishing. sKuba3 is suitable for any office environment, and even for home office. The concept of this leg comes...
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